Jiangbei New District Dachang Mass Innovation Space Settled in Huajian Building

July 15, 2019
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On the afternoon of July 12, the launch ceremony of Dachang mass innovation space operation in Jiangbei New District of Nanjing was held in the Huajian Building. So far, this space has been officially settled in our company building. Che Chanmei, the deputy director of Jiangbei New District namagement committee, attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhang Chuanyu, the party secretary and chairman of CNCEC No.14, was invited to attend the ceremony and delivered a speech, too.

Chen expressed her congratulations on the successful operation of makerspace. She hoped that Dachang Street would take the opportunity of makerspace operation to support th development of the enterprise and take a forward-looking and scientific approach. We should continue to use our advantages nd integrate resources to transform the vitality of innovation into the vitality of development and attract more high-level talents and enterprises to take root in the new distrct. We should devote ourselves to providing better service and creating broader development space for enterprise to become bigger and stronger.

In his speech, Zhang Chuanyu thanked the Jiangbei New Distric for the  care and support for the company for a long time. He pointed out that the estabishment of makerspece in Huajian Building is a great support and affirmation from the local government. The company will continue to provide good services for makerspace development and provide convenient conditions and advantageous resources for its operation. The company will continue to actively fulfill its social responsibility, support local economic development and local construction, and contribute to the development of Jiangbei New Distric. We sincerely hope that makerspace can grow rapidly, give play to its platform effect and demonstration role, and become a provincial demonstration space at an early date.

Zhang Chuanyu opened the ceremonial ball jointly with Chen Chanmei, Xu Meiqin, the secretary of Dachang Street, and Yu Jianjun, the director of Dachang Street Office.

It is understood that the Dachang Mass Innovation Space is an important measure to implement the national concept of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and implement the policy of  entrepreneurship and innovation in Jiangbei New Distric. It provides a broad platform for the breeding of innovation and technology-based enterprises and young people with entrepreneurial dreams, and is an important carrier of business incubator and scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

After the operation ceremony, Chen Chanmei and he entourage, accompanied by the companys leaders, visited the Huajian Building and the company exhibition hall, and listened to the companys development history, business field and development ideas.

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