The 2018 Annual and 2019 First Quarter Economic Operation Analysis Meeting Held

April 21, 2019
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On the morning of April 20, the company organized the 2018 annual and 2019 first quarter economic operation analysis meeting in the multi-functional hall on the third floor of Huajian Building. Wang Weilin, the deputy director fo financial resources department of the Group attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Gu Jianan, the chief accountant of the company, reviewed and analyzed the companys major achievements and existing problems in the aspects of budget completion, fiancial status and operating results in 2018, and summarized the achievement of major indicatiors in the first quarter of 2019.

The market development department, engineering management department and equipment material department made special analysis, and the branch companies reported the economic operation of the two projects respectively.

Wang weilin, the vice minister of finance and resources department of the Group, affirmed the organization of the economic operation analysis conference of the company, the analysis content and the achievements of the companys production and operation, and proposed specific reqirements from the three aspects of enriching the meeting form, establishing teh normal mechanism of analysis at all levels and constantly improving the quality of analysis.

Zhang Chuanyu, the party secretary and chaiman of the company, reviewed the report, and put the requirement of improving the accuracy of the data analysis, projects profit and loss situation, which was important to trace the source. And he emphasized four views at the same time.

In the end, Shi Jianming, the vice party secretary and general manager of the company, emphasized each unit to communicate well and implement the conference spirit earnestly, attached great importance to the analysis of economic operation, to further improve the quality of the case, comprehensive and accurately grasp the dynamic of economic operation, discover the exsting problems, and to scientific economic development situation, ensure to complete annual task goal.


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