The Second Party Congress of the Company was Successfully Held

April 20, 2019
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On April 19, 2019, the second party congress of the company was grandly held in the multi-function hall on the third floor of the Huajian Building. Han Bing, member of the standing committee of the party committee of the Group Company, deputy general manager of the joint-stock company, Zhu Jiaxiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of Nanjing construction committee, deputy director of the city construction committee, attended the meeting. 96 official representatives were elected from the primary party organizations of the company, and 6 representives atteded the meeting as nonvoting delegates. Shi Jianming, the companys general manager and deputy secretary of the party presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhu Jiaxiang, the deputy secretary of Nanjing construction committee and deputy director made the opening speech on hehalf of the construction committee. Zhang Chuanyu, the party secretary and chairman of the company, and Pan Wenhua, the deputy secretary of the party and secretary of teh commission for discipline inspection, made reports respectively.

The delegates had a serious discussion about the content of the report. At the same time, they also discussed the election methods of the congress, the proposed list of candidates for the second session of the CPC central committee of the company.

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